Deno, Node.js, etc.


During development of an app, a developer makes changes (or code updates) continuously that requires frequent restarting of the process for the new changes to take effect.

For example- A developer is building a simple HTTP file server. The development is in progress and changes are coming in fast. If…


Unlike Node.js, Deno isn’t just a runtime for JavaScript/TypeScript applications. Running an application is definitely the primary work, but that’s not all Deno can do. Deno is a complete tool chain that contains a number of developer-friendly tools like REPL, linter, formatter, tester, coverage, bundler, etc.

Deno’s built-in formatter has…


Like Node.js, Deno will likely sit in the front to handle API requests, serve UI, etc. While serving UI, one of the common use case is to act as a content server for HTML, CSS, images, JavaScript, etc. For production grade applications, instead of relying on public content servers, all…

Mayank Choubey

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